What is a Beekeeping Suit?

Those unfamiliar with or new to beekeeping often ask “What is a beekeeping suit?” If you’ve ever seen beekeepers at work, you know the outfits they wear look rather funny. In fact, they look a lot like something one might wear to defuse a bomb or handle hazardous substances. Thankfully beekeeping doesn’t require that level of protection, but a good quality beekeeping suit is an essential tool for anyone working with bees and their hives.

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What is a Bee Smoker? An Essential Beekeeping Tool Explained

bee smoker

Beginner beekeepers may find themselves confused at first by some of the equipment used to keep bees. One seemingly odd but absolutely essential tool for anyone working with bees is a BEE SMOKER. While it sounds a little strange, it is actually a relatively simple device and a vital part of any beekeeper’s supplies. So exactly what is a bee smoker?

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Beekeeping Supplies for Beginners – The Seven Essentials

bees at hive box

Congratulations on deciding to become a beekeeper! You’ve got a fascinating experience ahead of you. To ensure you’re fully prepared, we’ve created a checklist of the seven most essential beekeeping supplies for beginners. Besides your bees, these are the things you’ll need to make your venture into beekeeping a safe and successful one.

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